Our Museum

Whether it's Scrumpy, Classic or Rattler, our cyder’s roots lie deep in history. From donkey-drawn apple mills to intricately crafted barrels, the Healeys onsite museum tells the tale of how our cyder came to be…

Each sip of Healeys Cyder is steeped in craft and heritage, which is why the basement of our 150-year-old barn is full to the rafters with artefacts that reveal the drink’s fruitful history.

Travel back in time to the 15th century, where rustic oak beam presses were used to squash apples, or lose yourself in the beautifully engineered machines of the 19th century, when geared-screw presses pushed cyder-making to industrial levels.

Take in the craftsmanship of the cooper – the fading skill of barrel making – with a nose around our cooper’s workshop.

Discover the processes of the past, which’ll set your stomach turning. From lead-lined pressing trays which introduced a dangerous edge to early cyders, to the use of manure to help ferment apples, this is cyder history in all its grizzly glory – something kids and adults are sure to enjoy.

The Healeys Cyder story begins here too, with the very same twin screw that brought David and Kay Healey’s visions of producing their own cyder to fruition.

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