5 Best Tourist Attractions in Cornwall

Whether you’re planning a family day out, a romantic getaway, or just a well-deserved holiday, you needn’t go much further than Cornwall. There’s something for everyone here. We’ve put together some of our favourite tourist attractions below.

Seasoned Stones – The Merry Maidens of Boleigh

Cornwall is a place steeped in history, and the many ancient stone circles are a marvel to look at. The Merry Maidens of Boleigh is just one of these stone circles, and is a favourite amongst those that visit Cornwall. Beautifully preserved since its creation (sometime in The Bronze Age), these stones are a great insight into the way our ancestors lived, as well as being responsible for many a folk tale too.

Some say that “The Merry Maidens” were a group of girls that were turned to stone as punishment for dancing on The Sabbath. Some say that this was an ancient Pagan sacrificial site. We may never know, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to have a look for yourself and come up with your own ideas…

Giant Greenhouses – The Eden Project

To call The Eden Project a tourist attraction does not do it justice, as the world’s largest greenhouses are also a great educational tool. A true spectacle, The Eden Project provides access to some truly outlandish tropical plants, previously unseen in the UK. As well as being open to the public, there are many activities that can heighten your enjoyment at The Eden Project; from guided tours to botanical art lessons.

Royal Ruins – Tintagel Castle

The Tintagel Castle is amongst the most famous in Cornwall, believed to once have belonged to King Arthur himself!

But the history of this site doesn’t just stem from the folklore surrounding it. There have been many powerful figures who lived in this castle, and exotic Mediterranean pottery, all dating back to somewhere around the 5th century. The visitor centre makes it a great outing, with the exhibits showcasing the potential Arthurian links of the castle, and adding to the sense of mystery.

Adorable Animals – Tamar Valley Donkey Park

This donkey sanctuary is home to approximately 30 donkeys, many of which are rescued animals. Open to visitors all year round, this is a fun place to visit for any animal lovers.

Of course, children can ride some of the donkeys, but you’re also allowed to pet and feed the wide collection of animals that live on the park. There’s ponies, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and even guinea pigs!

There’s also an adventure playground for the children, a cafe for the parents, picnic areas, and a gift shop, making this a great day out for the whole family.

Fun-Filled Farm – Healey’s Cyder Farm

If any of the above sounds fun, why not visit us at Healey’s Cyder Farm? We have so much to do, making it a great day out for all the family, or even just a great place to stop off on your way to any of the other fantastic tourist attractions in Cornwall.

Our visitor centre and guided tours will give you a great insight into the cider making process, with plenty of history to look into as well. Our farm animals and tractor rides are great for those with children, and our onsite restaurants make for a lovely lunch to break up your day.