Our longest established brand, with over 25 years of development and refinement


Cornish Cyder

As Cornwalls longest standing Cyder maker, we have developed a fantastic array of Cornish Cyder for every occassion

Over the past 35 years, we have developed and honed the art of cyder making, and are now proud to offer Cornish cyder fit for any occasion.  Using the latest technologies, and pioneering cider-making techniques, we’re proud to bring you a selection of the countys finest Cyder on offer.


Our famous Rattler is available in pubs and restaurants throughout the country, and has recently expanded nationally in the supermarkets.  Five tasty variants are available:

Rattler Original – 6% ABV, cloudy, crisp apple, super refreshing. Also available in 8 pack bottles and 6 pack cans.

Rattler 4% – 4% ABV, cloudy – ‘same great taste, less alcohol’

Rattler Pear – 4% ABV – sweeter, perfect over ice

Rattler Berry – 4% ABV – refreshing berries provide a mouthwatering refreshment

Rattler Mulled – 4% ABV – a mixture of winter spices creates an intriguing cider

NEW Rattler Strawberry and Lime – 4% ABV – bursting with fruity strawberries with pleasing Lime tang to finish

Cornish Gold

Comes in two variants, Cornish Gold Original cyder at 4.5% ABV.  Crisp, clean with a champagne-like sparkle.  Oak matured – a subtle complexity with the oak providing an almost tropical nose.

Limited Edition Range

Well here we’re really pushing the cider making boundaries.  We scavange the glove for unique and rare ‘used’ barrels, which we then use to age our cyders.  Words cannot describe the transformation.  They are limited edition, as we are only able to use the barrels a few times.  Only available from the farm shop or online. Enjoy!