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Cornish Jam

Bursting with fruit and packed full of flavour

Our Cornish Jam is simmered slowly in traditional open pan kettles right here on the farm, using the finest ingredients possible.  Which means you get to taste all the fruity deliciousness that bubbles up in our jam kitchen, in every spoon.  Once cooked, each jar is individually filled (hot) by hand, before the lid is placed and labels put on.  We cook our jam in small batches, of around 80 jars per cook… it really does give the jam a ‘home-made’ feel and ensures superb taste and quality

We have a vast array of flavours to try:


Strawberry/Strawberry and Chilli/Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Marmalade/Marmalade and Ginger/Bramble/Plum/Rhubarb and Ginger/Gooseberry/Scrumpy Apple

Liqueur Jams

Strawberry & Cointreau/Raspberry & Kirsch/Blackcurrant & Port/Marmalade & Scrumpy/Marmalade & Whiskey/Cherry & Brandy


Scrumpy Apple Chutney/Hot & Spicy Tomato Chutney/Farmhouse Pickle/Green Bean Chutney/Scrumpy Mustard/Scrumpy Apple Sauce/Redcurrant & Mint/ Cranberry & Port