Cornish Spirit

A small craft Distillery located right here on our farm....

In the year 2000, we created Cornwall’s first Distillery for over 300 years.  A hand-beaten Copper pot still, specially made for us by Forsyths in Scotland, is used to distil our spirits


For our brandies, we use only apples grown in our own Cornish Orchards.  The juice is pressed and cider fermented to create the ‘wash’ for the still.  A double distillation ensues – condensing the alcohol and flavours of our finest ciders into what will eventually become our brandy.  At around 63% ABV, the liquid is stored in our cellars for a minimum of 3 years (up to 16 and counting!) before bottling commences.  A truly unique drink, for a very special occasion

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We make Englands oldest Whiskey, and one of Europes best, right here on our farm in Cornwall.  The Barley is grown in Liskeard, before malting and transporting to St. Austell Brewery.  With their expert knowledge, a special ‘beer’ is created and then transported to us, where the final distillation happens.  Bottled at cask strength, each bottle will vary slightly.  Unfiltered and untouched, this is a truly special drink, designed to be diluted to the connoisseur’s taste.

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Eau De Vie

Our Eau De Vie has captured the intense freshness and aromatic fruity flavours of the apples from our finest cyders.  It is perfectly clear, young spirit which has been expertly distilled and blended with our own Cornish Spring Water.

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