Country Wine

Fruity wines bursting with fresh flavour

Presented in a highly ornate, bespoke bottle, our Country Wines are truly unique.  All at 5% ABV, they make the perfect addition to a lazy luncheon with friends:

Strawberry Wine:

Farm pressed ripe strawberries, gently squeezed in our fruit press, imparting the fulnness of flavour into the juice.  A rich sweetness and a light sparkle

Elderflower Wine:

To capture the unique floral bouquet of this wine, the delicate white flowers are steeped in our own Cornish Spring Water.  Medium sweet to taste.  Prior to bottling, we chill the wine and add a slight effervescence to release all those heady scents of that summers day

Summerfruits Wine:

Using a medley of fruits including redcurrants, blackberries,blackcurrants, apple and plums we have created a light wine full of summer promise.  Medium sweet to taste