Newquay Attractions

When it comes to finding attractions in Newquay, you won’t be short of choice. Newquay is home to many of Cornwall’s top attractions, which is why it’s one of the most popular destinations in Cornwall for a holiday or weekend away. Whether you’re off on a family holiday or you’re planning a relaxing weekend away with a loved one, there are a lot of Newquay attractions that are well worth checking out.


Top Newquay Attractions to Enjoy This Summer

If you’re heading to Newquay this summer, you’re sure to be impressed with the range of things to do. Some of the top things to do in Newquay include:


  • Fistral Beach – Fistral Beach is one of Cornwall’s best beaches and it’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike. As well as having beautiful stretches of sand and great views of the ocean, it also has a number of water spots to enjoy and restaurants close by. Plus, it’s staffed by the RNLI during the summer and is a great place to take children.


  • Newquay Zoo – If you like animals, you won’t be disappointed by Newquay Zoo. Newquay Zoo is one of the Newquay’s most popular attractions, as there’s a lot to see and do. Enjoy getting to know some of the resident animals and check out the impressive exhibits.


  • Lappa Valley Steam Railway – Lappa Valley Steam Railway is one of the best Newquay attractions for families and it’s easy to see why. Simply, there’s enough to keep you entertained for hours during the summer. There are lots of steam trains, activities for toddlers and young children, nature trails and indoor play areas.


  • Pirate’s Quest Newquay – If you’re looking for a Newquay attraction that’s a little bit different, head to Pirate’s Quest Newquay. It’s a great experience featuring actors, sets, special effects and there’s a lot to learn. Though it may be different from the other Newquay attractions, it’s just as popular.


As you can see, there are enough Newquay attractions to keep you entertained this summer. Of course, another top thing to do in Cornwall is to check out Healey’s Cyder Farm. With tonnes of activities, there’s something for everyone here at the farm. We have farmyard animals, tractor rides, orchards and guided tours of the farm. There’s even a restaurant and farm shop, both of which offer a range of local produce and delicious food. Find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm by getting in touch.

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Best Places In Cornwall To Picnic

Friday 15th June marks the start of National Picnic Week, an event that runs right through until the 24th June. National Picnic Week takes place across the UK and it’s the ideal time to enjoy some of the best places in Cornwall to picnic. Cornwall is home to some fantastic picnic spots, many of which have beautiful views of the famous local surroundings. So, it’s time to pack up the picnic basket and head off to enjoy all that Cornwall has to offer.


Top Spots to Picnic With Views in Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for being a place that’s full of scenic views, beautiful surroundings and tonnes of nature. Whether you’re heading out on a romantic picnic with a loved one or you’re planning a large family get together, you won’t be short of locations to consider. Here are some of the best places in Cornwall to have a picnic with a view:


  • Kynance Cove – Kynance Cove is a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike, and it’s easy to see why. With great views of the beach and cliff tops, Kynance Cove truly offers some of Cornwall’s best picnic views. Plus, there’s a great deal of space and you won’t struggle to find somewhere to relax.


  • Siblyback Lake – If you’re wanting to get away from the busy Cornish beaches, consider heading to Siblyback Lake for a picnic. If offers tranquility, large areas of grass and great views of Bodmin Moor.


  • 10 Acre Wood – 10 Acre Wood is ideal for a family picnic, especially if your family enjoys being surrounded by impressive woodland views. The large area offers a number of woodland walks to enjoy before or after you sit down for your picnic.


  • Watergate Bay – There are few beaches better for a picnic than Watergate Bay. With beautiful views of the sea and two miles of golden sand, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best places in Cornwall. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to burn off all of the food, there are a lot of water spots to try out.


If you’re looking to combine your picnic with a fun family day out, pop in and visit us here at Healey’s Cyder Farm. There’s a range of great activities suitable for all ages, including farmyard animals and tractor rides. To find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch.

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What To Do In Truro

Whether you’re heading to Truro for the first time or you’re one of the many repeat visitors, you’re probably looking for enjoyable things to do. Truro is one of Cornwall’s most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. So, it’s no surprise that a lot of people find themselves wondering what to do in Truro. Luckily, you won’t be short of choice.


Top Things to Do in Truro

There are a range of things to do in Truro, which means there’s something for everyone. It’s a great place to head as a couple, but it’s an equally great place to head as a family or with a group of friends. Some of the top things to do in Truro include:

  • Truro Cathedral – If you’re looking to embrace a more historical side of Truro, head to Truro Cathedral. Opened in 1910, Truro Cathedral offers an insight into a slightly different side of Cornwall. Check out the impressive architecture, the restaurant and the gift shop.


  • Healey’s Cyder Farm – If you’re looking for things to do in Truro, it’s well worth popping in to see us here at Healey’s Cyder Farm. With a range of fantastic activities and attractions, we’re sure you’ll be able to spend the entire day exploring some of what we have to offer. We have tractor rides and guided tours of the farm, as well as a beautiful orchard and farm animals. Plus, there’s a fantastic restaurant and local farm shop. At Healey’s Cyder Farm, there’s something for everyone.


  • Trelissick Gardens – When it comes to what to do in Truro, there’s no better way to see the beauty of the area than with a visit to the gorgeous Trelissick Gardens. Owned by the National Trust, Trelissick Gardens is a beautiful scenic estate with large grounds to explore.


  • Lemon Street Gallery – If you’re a bit of an art buff, you may want to check out Lemon Street Gallery. Situated in a fantastic Georgian building, Lemon Street Gallery continues to exhibit a range of professional artworks. It features established artists, as well as those that are just starting to make a mark on the art world.


To find out more about what to do in Truro or for more information on visiting Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch. A member of the team are always on hand to help. Contact the Healey’s Cyder Farm team today on 01872 573356, 07815 499709 or online.

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Top 5 Cornwall Best Places For Bike Rides

If you are a keen cyclist and you’re heading to Cornwall, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of fantastic places for bike rides. Cycling in Cornwall has been made as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, and there’s no need to worry about where to find a bike or where to stop for a refreshing beverage. This is because Cornwall has a range of companies offering rentals bikes and many delicious lunch spots to choose from.

Best Places for a Bike Ride in Cornwall

At Healey’s Cyder Farm, we have narrowed down some of the best places in Cornwall for a bike ride. If you’re in the local area, you should consider checking out:


  1. The Bodmin Beast Cycle Trail – The Bodmin Beast Cycle Trail is ideal if you are a keen cyclist, as it does require a certain amount of fitness and skill. However, it is well worth it. It’s a favourite among mountain bikers and off road cyclists; this is because it’s comprised of a number of climbs, descents and tight turns.


  1. Goss Moor Cycle Trail – Goss Moor Cycle Trail is 12 kilometres of pure cycling enjoyment. The trail goes through Goss Moor National Nature Reserve, so you’re sure to spot beautiful plants and wild animals. This is a cycling trail that’s mostly flat and off road, so there’s no worry of steep climbs or motorists.


  1. The Camel Trail – The Camel Trail is popular with walkers and cyclists, and it’s easy to see why. It’s free from traffic and offers beautiful views of the Cornish countryside. Plus, with 18 miles of trails to enjoy, there are many places to start and finish.


  1. Seaton Valley Countryside Park – Seaton Valley Countryside Park is a favourite among cyclists and walkers, as it is relatively short and easy. This makes it ideal for a quick cycle or for a little bit of exercise. The trails around the park include a riverside area and areas along the coast.


  1. Cardinham Woods – Cardinham Woods offers a number of cycle trails, many of which are family friendly and ideal for less experienced cyclists. There’s also more advanced trails with climbs and areas that require more skill. Cardinham Woods is popular as there’s something for everyone.


To find out more about Cornwall’s best places or for more information on attractions at Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch. Contact us today on 01872 573356 or online.

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National Walking Month: 3 Walking Days Out In Cornwall

National Walking Month is all about getting people to embrace walking in their day to day lives and the organisers are encouraging everyone to get involved in walking everyday journeys. This could be walking to work, walking to school and even walking with friends or family at the weekend. There are a tonne of great online resources, pledges and opportunities to enjoy National Walking Month. In Cornwall, there are a number of fantastic walks for you to try. This is great news if you’re living in Cornwall or are visiting throughout May.

3 Great Walking Days Out in Cornwall

If you are heading to Cornwall during National Walking Month, you won’t be short of walks to embark on. From dramatic climbs along the cliffs to relaxing strolls through woodland areas, there are walking days out in Cornwall for everyone.


  1. Trelissick Gardens Woodland Walk – If you’re looking for a relaxing walk through some of Cornwall’s picturesque woodlands, head to Trelissick Gardens. Trelissick Gardens is ideal for all types of walkers, including children and older individuals, as it is easy to follow and doesn’t require a great deal of fitness. Simply, it’s a walk that everyone can enjoy. Plus, you can catch a glimpse of the Fal River.


  1. Saints Way Walk – Saints Way runs from Padstow to Fowey, covering a distance of 27 miles. Of course, most people choose to split up Saints Way into a two day walk or into much shorter strolls. Whilst walking the length of Saints Way you will see a number of Cornwall’s points of interest including St. Breock Docks, Fowey River, Little Petherick and the harbour in Padstow.


  1. Agnes Walk – One of our favourite walking days out in Cornwall is very close to Healey’s Cyder Farm, and it’s one we’d recommend to anyone looking to get involved in National Walking Month. Starting from St. Agnes, the walk is a gentle climb along the dramatic cliffs and with a number of breathtaking views.


Healey’s Cyder Farm is located close by to a number of Cornwall’s top walks, which makes it the ideal place to head as part of a day out a place to finish with a refreshing cyder and an afternoon tea.  There’s also Healeys own Orchard Walk that is a must-do for the season.  Take a guided walk down through 20 acres of Cornish orchards discovering the fascinating Healeys story and how apples are planted and cared for before being transformed into amazing cyders.  There’s a range of fun attractions at Healey’s Cyder Farm including farm animals, tours, orchards and a farm shop full of delicious produce. We offer something for all ages. To find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm and any of our attractions, get in touch.

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Free Things To Do In Cornwall

If you’re looking for days out on a budget you’re in luck, as there are a tonne of enjoyable free things to do in Cornwall. Whether you’re heading to Cornwall alone or with friends and family, you won’t be short of things to see and do.

Top Free Things To Do In Cornwall

At Healey’s Cyder Farm we’re well aware that days out can be costly, especially when you factor in entrance fees and travelling to your destination. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of some of our top free things to do in Cornwall, these are:


  • Healeys Cyder FarmHealey’s Cyder Farm is a fantastic free thing to do in Cornwall that boasts a lot of different activities and attractions. There’s farmyard animals, orchards, guided tours, tractor rides and a restaurant serving up delicious meals. Healey’s Cyder Farm also has a farm shop, which offers a wide range of local and homemade produce.


  • Fistral Beach – Fistral Beach is one of the top beaches in Cornwall and one of the best free things to do. With miles of beautiful sand and places to surf, Fistral Beach is popular with families and adrenaline junkies alike. As well as great beach areas Fistral Beach also has everything you could need for a day out in Cornwall such as restaurants, toilets and a staffed RNLI station for the summer months.


  • Cardinham Woods – If you’re looking to get into nature without spending a penny, head to Cardinham Woods. There’s walking trails, cycling trails and rest areas scattered throughout Cardinham Woods and this makes it a great place to spend the day. Plus, as it’s all part of a public area, it’s completely free.


  • Camel Trail Cycle Path – Staying active in Cornwall doesn’t need to be expensive and there are free things to do that’ll get you outdoors and moving around. Camel Trail Cycle Path stretches 18 miles in total from Bodmin to Wadebridge, which provides a great deal of space to cycle with friends or family. If you’re heading to Cornwall as a visitor, there are areas to hire bicycles at a low cost.


As you can see, there’s no shortage of free things to do in Cornwall. For more information on spending a day out on a budget at Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch. Contact the Healey’s Cyder Farm team on 01872 573 356 or via the online contact form.

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Where To Stay In Cornwall

A number of visitors find themselves wondering where to stay in Cornwall as there are a lot of towns to choose from. However, you’ll soon see that there’s the ideal place for everyone. This includes hotels, B&Bs, campsites and hostels. Whether you’re heading on a romantic weekend away or a fun filled trip with friends, Cornwall has a lot to offer.

Top Places to Stay in Cornwall


Truro offers a little bit of everything, which makes it a great place to stay in Cornwall. There’s a lot of history in Truro, which can be enjoyed at Truro Cathedral and Trelissick Gardens. However, it’s not all culture and history. Truro also offers fantastic restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.


Newquay is one of Cornwall’s most popular areas and it’s a fantastic place to stay, regardless of who you’re travelling with and what you’re planning to do. Whether you’re looking for a central base or somewhere to surf, Newquay is great. Newquay is home to Fistral Beach, Newquay Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium.


If you’re interested in maritime history and the open seas, consider Falmouth as a place to stay. Falmouth is well known for its harbour, The National Maritime Museum Cornwall and the Fal Estuary. There are a lot of things to do in Falmouth and it’s a great central location for many of Cornwall’s top things to do.


If you’re wondering where to stay in Cornwall, St. Ives is worth considering. St. Ives is one of Cornwall’s most popular locations and it boasts a lot of things to do, such as art galleries and beautiful beaches.


Padstow is a working fishing port that offers gorgeous beaches, beautiful sights and a number of delicious places to eat. Padstow is where you’ll find The Camel Trail, Padstow Brewing Company and Harlyn Bay.

If you’re looking for accommodation in the heart of Cornwall, one of our favourite places to stay is Tregonniny. You can find their availability here:

Regardless of where you stay in Cornwall, you won’t find yourself too far from Healey’s Cyder Farm. Located in Truro, we’re easy to get to from most of Cornwall’s key places to stay and we have a tonne of fantastic attractions for you to enjoy. Whether you’re heading to Cornwall with friends or with a young family, you’ll find Healey’s Cyder Farm an enjoyable day out. To find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch. Contact us today 01872 573 356 or via the online contact form.

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Weekend Breaks: Cornwall Main Attractions

Cornwall is one of the UK’s top destinations for a weekend break and it’s easy to see why. With a great variety of things to do and minimal distance to travel in between them, it’s very easy to see a number of Cornwall’s main attractions during a short weekend away. Whereas other destinations require a full week of free time, this isn’t the case in Cornwall. You’re able to see a lot of main attractions in Cornwall within a brief 48 hour window.

See Cornwall’s Main Attractions On Your Weekend Break

To see the best of what Cornwall has to offer, it’s best to see some of the top attractions. We have picked four of our favourites, each a bit different to ensure you get to experience a little of everything. Not only will you leave Cornwall feeling as though you really got the most out your weekend break, but you’ll be able to see four of Cornwall’s main attractions. Here’s how to fit Cornwall highlights into a brief 48 hours:

Healey’s Cyder Farm

Time Required: 3 – 4 Hours

Healey’s Cyder Farm is a great place to start your weekend break, as there’s a tonne of activities and a lot to see and do. Learn about the history of Cornish cider making on a guided tour & amble down to the beautiful orchards on a vintage tractor ride. Kids and adults alike will love meeting farm animals and kicking back in the restaurant & bar before picking up their favourite Cornish cider and gifts for the busy farm shop.

Fistral Beach

Time Required: Any

After you have spent the day exploring Healey’s Cyder Farm, head to Fistral Beach. Fistral Beach is one of Cornwall’s top beaches and it’s ideal for surfing, walking and relaxing. You’re free to spend as much time as you’d like at the beach, which is why it’s a great way to end your first day in Cornwall.

Eden Project

Time Required: 3 – 4 Hours

On your second day in Cornwall, we’d recommend heading to the Eden Project. The Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s main attractions and it’s a famous one at that. Explore the fantastic range of plants and flowers, finding out more about climates and nature as you go.

Lands End

Time Required: Any

Lands End is mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point and it’s a famous landmark. A visit to Lands End is a fantastic way to end a weekend in Cornwall and it’s only a 90 minute drive from the Eden Project, which makes it the ideal place to head next.


If you’re only spending one day in Cornwall, you’ll need to carefully plan what you’re going to do. At Healey’s Cyder Farm, we’d recommend popping in to see us and then heading off to Fistral Beach. Not only will you get the chance to see how a traditional Cornish farm works but you’ll also get to to experience the beautiful Cornish coastline, it’s the best of both worlds! To find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch.

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Things To Do In Newquay This Summer

If there’s one thing that we’re sure about here at Healey’s Cyder Farm it’s that there’s never a shortage of things to do in Newquay, and this summer is no different. With the weather heating up and the days continuing to get longer, Newquay is gearing up for some of its best events of the year. From the Boardmasters Festival to the Newquay Harbour Sports Day, there really is something for everyone. So, if you’re in the local area, make sure to get involved.

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Top Things To Do In Newquay

If you’re heading to Newquay thing summer, you won’t be short of things to do. Newquay is well known for being a place full of things to see and do, but it’s during the summer that it really comes alive. Here are some of the top things to do:

  1. Boardmasters Festival – As a place that’s well known for being one of the UK’s surf capitals, it’s only right that we include the Boardmasters Festival as one of the top things to do in Newquay this summer. Boardmasters Festival is an annual event and this year it is taking place between Wednesday 8th and Sunday 12th August. There will be live music, surfing competitions and skateboarding competitions. Plus, a number of other events.
  2. Newquay Harbour Sports Day – Taking place on 18th August, it’s the Newquay Harbour Sports Day. This event is sure to be an enjoyable day out for the entire family, regardless of whether you are taking part. Competitors can get involved in a range of community sports, both in the water and on the beach. Newquay Harbour Sports Day is one of Newquay’s longest running events.
  3. Cornwall Pride – As is the case with a lot of places around the UK, Cornwall holds it’s very own LGBT event every year. Cornwall Pride is a day packed with activities, celebrations and fun. There are things to see and do for all ages including music acts, dancing, parades and parties. This year, Cornwall Pride will take place on 25th August in Newquay.

If you’re heading to Cornwall and are looking for things to do in Newquay, make sure you schedule in a visit to Healey’s Cyder Farm. With a range of tours, tractor rides, friendly farm animals and plenty of cyder and drink samples, we’re able to provide an enjoyable day out for all ages. To find out more about Healey’s Cyder Farm or any of our attractions, get in touch.

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Rattler Pro Ride Sportive

A Cornish Collaboration

Saint Piran Pro Cycling Team and Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm join forces to launch the UK’s toughest cycling sportive

Brand new for 2018, Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm is launching the much-anticipated Rattler Pro Ride, the UK’s most-gruelling cycling sportive as part of a blossoming partnership with Cornwall’s very first elite cycling team, Saint Piran. Sponsored by Cornwall’s leading independent and widely enjoyed cyder brand, Rattler, the challenging two-day sportive event will be taking place for the very first time over the weekend of Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th September 2018.

The partnership deal will see Saint Piran and Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm work together to develop a number of initiatives aimed at putting Cornish cycling firmly on the map. Proceeds from the weekend’s cycling events will go directly to Saint Piran to support its ongoing sporting commitment and ambition: to give talented cyclists the opportunity to perform on the national stage, and by 2023, to compete as an accredited continental professional squad in the world’s biggest races.

Although technically an amateur event, the Rattler Pro Ride differs from other sportives with a distinctly competitive element. The event will offer cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to test their legs alongside pros on 25, 50 and 100-mile routes on notoriously tough Cornish roads. Each beautifully scenic course will showcase local landmarks with the start/finish and ride village situated at the iconic Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm at Penhallow, home of Rattler.

Professional riders from the UK’s top teams will pit themselves against eager challengers. On Saturday 8th September, King of the Mountain and Sprint competitions will add a ferocious yet fun edge to an already demanding sportive route. Sunday 9th September will see team time trials, hot laps, ‘winner stays on races’ and much more. All of which will take place on a closed circuit and against elite pro riders. Sunday will also include a variety of fun, child-friendly races.

When the epic journey is over, there will also be the opportunity for participants to refuel, relax and mingle with the pros over some post-race Cornish hospitality including a three-course dinner, drinks, guest speakers, competitions and much more at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm’s Old Bottlery Restaurant.

Joe Healey, Healeys Managing Director of Trading is thoroughly looking forward to this new partnership. He said, “We are delighted to announce Rattler as principle partner 2018 of Saint Piran. As an independent family-run business in Cornwall, it is important for us to collaborate with like-minded, local brands that share our core values. Saint Piran’s core team is Cornish and we’re very proud to be supporting such an ambitious team, helping to contribute to their wider success and achieving their goal of developing Cornish cycling talent.”

Joe continued, “For us it isn’t just about putting our logo to something; we wanted to work with Saint Piran to raise the profile of Cornish cycling whilst creating a sustainable revenue channel to support their goal of developing Cornish cycling talent. Therefore, all proceeds of the weekend’s cycling events will go directly to Saint Piran to help support this initiative.”

Will Harper, Pro Rider for Saint Piran said, “The whole team is very excited to be partnering with Rattler Cornish Cloudy Cyder on what is set to be an epic weekend. I have personally ridden the 100-mile route and must say it’s beautifully scenic and very challenging. I can’t wait to ride it again alongside teammates, pro riders and our daring competitors! We are hugely grateful for the support of everyone at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, and we are really looking forward to helping grow the Rattler Pro Ride over the years.”

To find out more about the weekend’s events, to register interest or book your place, please visit:

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Famous Cornwall History Attractions

When it comes to finding a historic site in Cornwall, you will never have far to look. Cornwall is steeped in history and boasts a large number of protected buildings, historic castles and grand houses. This means there’s a Cornwall history attraction to suit every visitor. Whether you’re visiting alone or you’re heading out and about with family, there’s sure to be an attraction that takes your fancy. Here are some of the best:


The Top Cornwall History Attractions

  • Tintagel Castle – If you’re someone who enjoys all things Kings and Queens, you’re sure to enjoy Tintagel Castle. Located in Tintagel itself, the castle is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur and it is steeped in legend, myth and mystery. Tintagel Castle is set high above the coastline, which provides a number of impressive and dramatic views.
  • Cotehele Mill – Take a trip back in time with a visit to Cotehele Mill. Cotehele Mill is a working mill, highlighting how things were done many years ago in the local community. It’s a real eye opener. There are daily tours available and visitors can still see grain grinding at various times throughout the week.
  • Pendennis Castle – Henry VIII is one of Britain’s most notable Kings and his legendary actions are well known by people of all ages. So, why not get to know him a little better with a trip to Pendennis Castle? Pendennis Castle was one of Henry VIII’s coastal fortresses and it has defended the local area throughout history. Visitors can explore the castle, learn about its history and find out more about battles.
  • TrericeTrerice is one of Cornwall’s finest manor houses, with large gardens and breathtaking interiors. It’s a great historic attraction to explore with family and friends of all ages, as there’s a lot to see and do. Whether you’re interested in Elizabethan history or you simply enjoy strolling around a beautiful garden, Trerice is an enjoyable place to head.


Of course, one of Cornwall’s top attractions is Healey’s Cyder Farm. Take a step back in time and see the inner workings of a traditional Cornish farm. With guided tours, farm animals and gorgeous orchards, there’s something for everyone. Plus, let’s not forget there’s a restaurant offering delicious meals and afternoon tea. To find out more about visiting Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch. Contact us today on 01872 573 356 or via the online contact form.


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Cornwall Points of Interest: Our Top 10

When it comes to finding fabulous points of interest in Cornwall, you won’t be short of things to choose from. However, with such a large selection of things to do, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10. Take a look:

Our Top Cornwall Points of Interest

  1. Lands End – As mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point, Lands End is one of the most visited points of interest in Cornwall and it’s not to be missed. There are impressive views and dramatic cliffs to enjoy.
  2. Fistral Beach – No visit to Cornwall would be complete without a trip to the beach, and Fistral Beach is one of the most popular. It’s ideal for surfing, walking, relaxing and playing.
  3. Eden Project – If you’re looking for a Cornwall point of interest that’s equal parts enjoyable and educational, look no further than the Eden Project. It’s a large indoor rainforest with a fantastic range of weird and wonderful plants.
  4. Minack Theatre – Minack Theatre is an open air theatre in Cornwall, that’s uniquely situated on the cliffs. A number of shows are showcased at the theatre throughout the year including musicals, comedy and opera.
  5. Healey’s Cyder Farm – We couldn’t list our top Cornwall points of interest without including Healey’s Cyder Farm. With tours, tractor rides, friendly animals, farm shop, restaurant & cream tea rooms, we’re confident that Healey’s Cyder Farm is a fantastic day out for the entire family.
  6. South West Coast Path – If you really want to get out and about to explore the Cornish coastline, look no further than the South West Coast Path. There are a range of routes and walks to choose form, meaning there’s something for everyone.
  7. Pendennis Castle – As one of Henry VIII’s very own fortresses, Pendennis Castle is an ideal Cornish point of interest if you’re interested in history. Explore the castle and the grounds, learning more as you go.
  8. Glendurgan Garden – Glendurgan Garden is packed full of beautiful flowers, tranquil paths and towering trees; it’s a nature lovers dream and it’s situated right next to the beach. What could be better?
  9. Caerhays Castle – Immerse yourself in history and architecture with a trip to Caerhays Castle. Originally opened in 1808, Caerhays Castle boasts beautiful gardens and stunning views.
  10. Newquay Zoo – Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the zoo? With a wide range of animals to see and a lot of fun facts to learn, Newquay Zoo is one of the best. Plus, it boasts great facilities and caters well to those with young children.

If you’re heading to Cornwall, make sure you schedule in a trip to Healey’s Cyder Farm. To find out more, get in touch. Contact us today on 01872 573 356 or via the online contact form

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