Sweet smell of success as Healeys launches new restaurant

When you first set foot on the cobbled stones of Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, you are hit with the sweet and zesty smell of countless apples as they make their way from unassuming fruits to delicious bottles of award winning cyder and juice.

Wandering through the working farm, not forgetting to say hello to the resident peacocks as they waddle past to find a warm spot to relax in, you begin to take in a wealth of scents from the nearby jam-making room.

And then you come across the delicious-smells from the farm’s newly opened restaurant. The Old Bottlery has transformed the site where the Healeys family used to preserve their cyder and juices. Now it is home to a modern, new restaurant that takes inspiration from the range of homegrown creations harvested at the popular visitor attraction.

The signature rattler burger at The Old Bottlery family restaurant at Healeys Cyder Farm in Cornwall

From sweet and sharp orchard apples to pork from Healeys pigs, a mouth-watering menu is on offer at The Old Bottlery, using the finest and freshest ingredients. Rattler cyder, Cornish Scrumpy and a pantry of homemade jams and chutneys are all served up with light bites, lunch, dinner and afternoon teas.

Joe Healey, Commercial Director at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, said: “We are so excited about being able to showcase all of the delicious and fresh ingredients we produce here on the farm to food lovers in our new restaurant.

“The bottlery has been an important part of life here for many years and we thought this was the perfect way to reinvigorate the space, highlight all the treats we have on offer and boost our visitor experience even more.”

The Old Bottlery family restaurant at Healeys Cyder Farm in Cornwall

The Old Bottlery was at the heart of cyder production at Healeys. Through increased demand and due to the continued success of famous brands such as Rattler and Cornish Gold, a larger, state-of-the-art production facility was required.

Deciding to breathe new life into the building, the Healeys transformed the bottlery into a modern restaurant, which is bright and airy with plenty of room to accommodate the thousands of people that visit the popular tourist attraction, near Truro, each year.

And with another nod to the apple-growing skills that have made Healeys an award winning household name, a giant cyder barrel has been upcycled and built into the restaurant worktop, alongside an eye-catching central woodburner.

“We wanted to make this a venue for food lovers while paying homage to the building’s bottling history,” Joe added. “Now it has been transformed into a new restaurant, offering everything from Rattler-flavoured sausages made with pork from our own pigs, to the fruitful jams that have helped to make our cream teas renowned with visitors.”

Cream Tea at The Old Bottlery family restaurant at Healeys Cyder Farm in Cornwall

Dan Hughes, head chef at the Old Bottlery, said: “I am so lucky to be able to harness so many fresh and locally produced ingredients.

“Rattler is one of the best things to cook with; it complements pork so well thanks to its sweetness and crispness. And when you warm it up and cook with it, the fragrance it produces is incredible. It is so inspirational for me as a chef to have such an incredible larder of food right next to my kitchen.

“The fact that we have so many delicious ingredients right on our doorstep is fantastic.”

The Old Bottlery family restaurant at Healeys in CornwallExtolling the mantra of food footsteps instead of food miles, Healeys cultivates its delicious produce on the farm, letting each ingredient speak for itself. And it is that simplicity and passion for promoting tasty food and drink that has helped the Healeys family to become a household name.

The Old Bottlery family restaurant at Healeys in Cornwall

The farm, which was established on the site near Truro by Kay and David Healey in 1986, has grown to become the largest cider-maker in Cornwall, producing award-winning drinks including Rattler and Cornish Gold. It has also become a destination for whiskey-lovers, producing England’s oldest whiskey and launching Cornwall’s first distillery in over 300 years.

Healeys is open seven days a week throughout the year with food now being served at The Old Bottlery from 9am to 6pm and 9am to 8pm during July and August.

To find out more about Healeys, which also produces a range of award winning ciders, wines, spirits and preserves, visit www.healeyscyder.co.uk/location or follow @HealeysCyder.


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Things to Know Before Your Holiday in Newquay

Newquay is one of the top holiday destinations in the UK and each year thousands of families – from the UK and abroad – head to the Cornish coast in search of beautiful beaches and fun activities. There are lots of different things to do in Newquay, as we’ve mentioned before, but the key to experiencing the area completely is to really get to know more about it. In fact, many people who go on holiday in Newquay are surprised at how much there is to know about the local area. It’s much more than a generic British seaside destination.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite facts, along with some interesting things to know, which make for a great starting point for anyone who is considering a holiday in Newquay and wants to know more.

Interesting Facts About Newquay

If you weren’t completely sold on Newquay as a potential place to spend your summer holiday or if you’ve already booked but want to know more about this popular part of Cornwall, then finding out some interesting things about the local area is key. Here are a few fun facts to know before your holiday in Newquay.

  1. Newquay is the surf capital of the UK and a number of surfing competitions are held there every year.
  2. Newquay is one of England’s most popular tourist destinations and it attracts families, couples and groups of friends of all ages.
  3. There are 11 beaches in Newquay that are equipped with everything you could need for a day at the beach such as toilets, showers, shops and restaurants.
  4. Newquay has a population of over 20,000 people, but during the summer months this increases to over 100,000 as so many holidaymakers head there; that’s five times as many people!
  5. Television favourite Phillip Schofield grew up in Newquay and attended Newquay Tretherras Secondary School.
  6. Winter weather in Newquay is relatively mild when compared to other places in the UK, which makes it a location worth visiting all year round.
  7. Fistral Beach is the most famous of all of Newquay’s beaches and many claim it has the best surfing conditions in the UK.
  8. ‘Lord of the Flies’ author Sir William Golding was born in Newquay in September 1911.
  9. Newquay played a key part in the Second World War. A number of schools were evacuated there and several large hotels became convalescent hospitals.
  10. Newquay’s history can be dated back to the Iron Age, meaning there are a lot of historical sites and attractions to check out.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to Newquay than meets the eye! It’s a place packed full of history, attractions and things to do.

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Relaxing and Tranquil Things to Do in Newquay

We all have those days when we just want to chill out, relax and take some time to reflect. Whether you want to spend time sitting in the garden, fancy going for a drive in the countryside or want to get lost in your favourite book, there are loads of different ways to take a break from the hustle and bustle of working life. However, one of the best ways to relax is to spend time time in the great outdoors. Newquay has a tonne of great things to do that are ideal for families, young people and adrenalin junkies but what about those that want something a little more calm?

Things to Do in Newquay When You Want to Relax

There are lots of relaxing things to do in Newquay and the area isn’t all about watersports and family-friendly attractions. Here are some of the best ways to chill out and relax in Newquay:

Enjoy a calm coastal walk

Cornwall is home to some of the country’s best coastal walks and many of them are in Newquay. A lot of visitors to Newquay assume that the coastal walks are windy and require a fair amount of physical excursion, but this isn’t always the case. There are a lot of coastal walks in Newquay that are ideal for a light afternoon stroll when you want to get out of the house.

Spend time at the beach

The Cornish coast has miles and miles of beach to choose from, some areas are ideal for families and surfing whilst others are much quieter. Heading down to the beach, enjoying the sunshine and listening to the waves is a great way to destress and enjoy some of what Newquay has to offer..

Head out for a delicious lunch

What better way to relax than to have lunch with friends and family? There are some great places to eat in Newquay, many of which have beautiful scenic views. If you’re looking for delicious food in a calm environment, our very own The Old Bottlery here at Healey’s Cyder Farm makes for a good choice.

Walk around Trenance Gardens

Trenance Gardens is a vast area of beautiful plants, trees, foliage and a boating lake. The gardens were first opened in 1906 and since then they have become one of Newquay’s most idyllic outdoor spaces. The gardens are a great place to take a wander when the weather is good and they are a stark contrast to Newquay’s beaches.

When it comes to finding relaxing things to do in Newquay you’ll never have to look too far. With a varied choice of calm activities to do, Newquay is the ideal place to chill out.

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Summer Holidays in Newquay

With summer just around the corner it’s time for most people to begin planning their summer holiday. Many families head abroad in search of sun, sea and sand but these are all things that can be found much closer to home and at a fraction of the cost. Rather than heading to popular resorts abroad, consider exploring a family-friendly part of Cornwall.

Summer holidays in Newquay are becoming increasingly popular and it isn’t hard to see why. Newquay is home to beautiful beaches, delicious food and exciting activities. We’ve mentioned previously some of the top things to do in Newquay, but now we’re going to focus on what makes Newquay the ideal summer holiday destination for people of all ages.

What Makes Summer Holidays in Newquay Great?

Whether you are a family with young children, a couple who enjoy the great outdoors or a group of friends who are looking for a week away Newquay has it all.

Beautiful Beaches

As you know, Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s best beaches and many of these can be reached from Newquay. Fistral beach is one of Newquay’s most popular and it remains a firm favourite for locals and holidaymakers, year after year. It boasts great views, coastal paths, safe swimming areas and restaurants. Plus, it is fully equipped with all the facilities you could need for a day at the beach.

Daytime Activities

Newquay isn’t short of things to do during the day. As well as a number of coastal walks and outdoor activities, there are also lots of attractions. Newquay Zoo, Blue Reef Aquarium, Pirates Quest and our very own Healey’s Cyder Farm are some of the most popular.

Suitable for Children

Newquay is extremely suitable for children and families are unlikely to run into any bother when it comes to spending a week or two in the area. Thousands of families head to Cornwall every year and therefore restaurants, attractions, shops and local businesses work hard to ensure they are completely child-friendly. Also, thanks to the greate range of child-friendly activities it isn’t difficult to keep young ones entertained.

Accommodation Options

If there’s one thing that can said of Newquay it’s that you’ll never find yourself struggling to find an accommodation type that suits you. Choose from hotels, B&Bs, caravan parks, chalets, AirBnB rentals and even camping.

As you can see, a holiday in Newquay this summer is an option worth exploring. Whether you’re thinking about a short weekend break during the summer holidays or are planning a slightly longer trip, Newquay doesn’t disappoint.

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Scenic Walks in Cornwall to Enjoy

There are lots of things to do in Cornwall from family days out to historical activities, but it’s the free coastal walks that shouldn’t be overlooked. Cornwall is known for being an area of vast countryside, beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes. So, it’ll come as no surprise that Cornwall has a number of great scenic walks for visitors to enjoy. Whether you are a walking fanatic, frequently enjoy an afternoon stroll or just like to head outside when you’re in the mood these walks in Cornwall are the ideal places to explore.

Our Favourite Scenic Walks in Cornwall

Though there are a lot of things to do in Cornwall and delicious places to eat, sometimes we just want to be outside enjoying all that nature has to offer. A scenic walk is a relaxing way to explore parts of Cornwall you may not have seen before, take in the idyllic views and get some of that much needed fresh air.

Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps

The Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps coastal walk really has it all and is often cited as being one of the must do activities in Cornwall. This stretch of coastline runs from Padstow to Newquay and offers dramatic views of cliffs, coves and the sea.

South West Coastal Path

The South West Coastal Path runs for over 600 miles along the coast, but the most popular place to walk in Cornwall is Boscastle. Though areas of the path are uneven, it makes for a nice walk in the sunshine and there are a lot of picturesque views to enjoy along the way. As this scenic walk is extremely long, you’re able to walk as far or as little as you want. 

Zennor to Gurnard’s Head

Walking from Zennor to Gurnard’s Head is one of the lesser known Cornish coastal walks, but is just as beautiful if you’re prepared to tackle the steep paths and brisk winds. This walk can be turned into a full day out if you’re relatively fit and there are some seriously impressive views to take in.

Looe to Polperro Coastal Walk

A popular coastal walk for dog walkers is from Looe to Polperro. The walk itself isn’t too far, only around 4-5 miles in total, and so is great for beginners or those who are not interested in anything too strenuous. Plus, there’s pubs and cafes at either end that are perfect for a refreshing drink or a hearty lunch to refuel.

It isn’t difficult to find a scenic walk in Cornwall and walking along the coast is a great way to get out of the towns and into nature. Of course, it’s always best to stick to designated paths but there are lots of maps and brochures available at local visitor centres and places of information to advise you on the best routes to take.


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The Top Toddler-Friendly Activities in Cornwall

If you are a parent of a toddler then you’ll know better than anyone just how difficult it can be to find an activity or day out that is suitable for them. A lot of days out are geared towards spending the entire day out and about and many just aren’t suitable for little ones. After all, toddlers aren’t always big fans of long days and taking part in activities that just don’t engage them. So, it’s important to seek out activities that are mindful of that. As we’ve mentioned before there are lots of things to do in Cornwall for all ages, and toddlers are no exception.

Activities in Cornwall Perfect for Toddlers

There are a lot of toddler-friendly activities in Cornwall, all of which are ideal for a morning adventure or a fun afternoon. Rest assured, it is possible to enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable time with your child without having to plan a busy day or running the risk of them getting bored five minutes after you arrive. The following activities in Cornwall are fun, engaging and can even be enjoyed by parents.

Visit Roskilly’s Ice Cream Farm

Roskilly’s Ice Cream Farm is a great place to head to if you’re looking to get out with a toddler. Children of all ages will enjoy watching the cows being milked, exploring the trails and making friends with the whole host of other animals that live at the farm. There’s an ice cream parlour on site where you can try some of the delicious flavours and a restaurant that is perfect for lunch. Plus, entrance to the farm is completely free.

Rock Pooling

There are loads of places in Cornwall that are ideal for rock pooling and little ones are sure to enjoy grabbing a net and looking for sea creatures. In fact, some of our favourite places to visit in Cornwall are ideal rock pooling locations. Rock pooling is a fun activity for all ages, but toddlers will enjoy all the fun that comes with looking for crabs in the pools.

Make Friends With Local Seals

With so many impressive beaches and marine life, it’ll come as no surprise that Cornwall is home to a number of seals. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary looks after orphaned and injured seals and is a great day out for young children. Not only will they have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some seals, but they’ll also be able to take part in activities around the sanctuary and learn about the importance of taking care of local sealife.

Visit Dairyland

If you’re looking for a toddler-friendly activity that can last the entire day if needed, head to Dairyland. Dairyland is a kid-friendly adventure park fully equipped with slides, nature trails, pony rides and tractors. There’s a tonne of animals to see and feed, too! Dairyland is also a great thing to do in Cornwall if it rains as a number of the play areas are inside.

As you can see there are a lot of things to do in Cornwall that are ideal for toddlers and young children. Whether you’re looking for a special day out or a simple trip to the rock pools, toddlers are sure to enjoy exploring Cornwall and all it has to offer.

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Historical Days Out in Cornwall That Are Perfect For Kids

As parents it’s important that we provide our children with a range of things they can be interested in, but it isn’t all that easy when all they want to do is head to the beach of venture off to the swimming pool or playground. Luckily, there are a lot of historical days out in Cornwall that are perfect for kids of all ages. So, whether you’ve got a budding historian on your hands or you’re simply looking for an educational activity to enrich your children this weekend, we’ve got it covered.

As we’ve mentioned before, Cornwall isn’t short of things to do and it’s a perfect place to take the kids if you’re looking for outdoor activities or trips to the beach. However, some people don’t realise just how many historical and educational days out there are to be had.

Historical Activities For Kids in Cornwall

Children learn best through play, and this is exactly what these historical activities do. They all showcase a different part of Cornwall’s past but do so through enjoyable activities and kid-friendly fun.

Pirate’s Quest

Pirate’s Quest is an indoor activity in Newquay that combines theatre, entertainment and education to give children an insight into Cornwall’s pirate past. Kids will get to meet pirates and mermaids on an engaging walk-through experience and can feast their eyes on caves and treasure, whilst trying to escape a shipwreck. Though Pirate’s Quest is largely based on magical and mythical fun, there is a lot of fun information that will enthrall any child with an interest in pirates and ships.

Tintagel Castle

If the sun is shining then Tintagel Castle is a good day out for the whole family. The castle itself dates back to medieval times and has links to King Arthur. There are walks and trails to explore, and a number of exhibitions to take in for those that are interested. Highlights of Tintagel Castle include finding out how it links to the legend of King Arthur all the way back in the 12th century and taking a look at remains from a Dark Age settlement.

Charlestown Shipwreck Centre

The Charlestown Shipwreck Centre has a great deal of interesting information about wreckages in the local area, as well as many more famous shipwrecks. Artefacts on show include those from RMS Titanic, the SS Lusitania and the HMS Mary Rose. There are disused tunnels to explore, boats to check out and a lot of interesting facts to get your head around. Plus, kids can get involved in trails and colouring in activities.

When it comes to finding a day out in Cornwall that is both fun for kids but also educational, there are quite a few options. These examples are ideal for children of primary school age and older, and are sure to have them talking about what they’ve learnt all the way home.

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Things To Do In Cornwall Whatever The Weather

It’s hard to predict the British weather and that can be a pain when you’re wanting to plan a day out a little while in advance. With busy work schedules, family plans to consider and friends to see it can be difficult to find a day where everyone is free, and so we often find ourselves needing to make plans way in advance. The only trouble is the weather.

Knowing whether it is going to rain tomorrow isn’t always easy in the UK, especially when the weather forecast is often wrong, and knowing if it’s going to be sunny a week or so in advance is almost impossible. So, when you’re planning a day out it’s a good idea to choose an activity that can go ahead whatever the weather.

Finding things to do in Cornwall isn’t difficult and we’ve given you some ideas of things to do in the sunshine and things to do when it rains. But, what about activities that are perfect whatever the weather?

All-Weather Activities in Cornwall

We’ve picked some great outdoor activities that are ideal on a warm sunny day, but are still just as fun if the skies turn grey. That way plans don’t have to change and you won’t spend the days leading up to it hoping and praying that the rain holds off.

Healeys Cyder Farm

Of course you can visit us, no matter what the whether! Whether it’s a scorching hot day and you want to visit the farm animals or sit outside for a spot of lunch in the courtyard, or if it’s wet and rainy and you need to take shelter by taking one of our tours. We have a great amount to do when it rains or when the glorious sun is shining!


 Newquay’s very own indoor water park is ideal for the entire family. Waterworld is packed full of fast water slides, a lazy river, an assault course, a jacuzzi, wave pools, rapids and there’s even an outdoor swimming pool if the sun does decides to shine. Plus, there’s a specific area designed for toddlers with shallow pools and fun activities to keep them entertained.

Blue Reef Aquarium

A trip to Cornwall isn’t complete without an activity surrounding the sea and it’s marine life. Cornwall has some of the best beaches in the UK but beneath the waves is another world. Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay is dedicated to educating families about the ocean and it allows you to come face to face with some of its most impressive friends, such as black tipped reef sharks and giant octopuses.

Eden Project

The Eden Project showcases plants from around the world and houses them in impressive biodomes. However, a day trip to the Eden Project isn’t just about looking at new and interesting species. In fact, there’s a rainforest to visit, giant walkways, trails and even England’s longest zip wire. This educational day out is great whatever the weather as the large biomes are entirely inside, but there are outdoor areas to explore if the sun does shine.

As you can see, Waterworld, Eden Project and Blue Reef Aquarium are all fun family days out that can go ahead even if it rains at the last minute. There’s lots of things to do in Cornwall whatever the weather and so if you’re after something educational or a busy activity to tire out the littles ones you won’t have to look too far.


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Things to do in Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay, if you didn’t already know, is a seaside beach town on the north coast of Cornwall. It is a popular destination for holidaymakers, tourists and locals. It’s one of the most popular places in Cornwall for families and couples to visit and so there isn’t a shortage of things to do. Whether you’re looking for an idea for a day out or simply want to kill a bit of time on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Newquay as it all.

We’ve already mentioned some of the great things to do in Cornwall as a whole and some delicious places to eat, but now we’re honing in on the specific area of Newquay.

Activities in Newquay for All 

With the summer fast approaching and the sunny days getting more and more frequent, you’re sure to be interested in going on some great days out. Whether you’re a Cornish local and want to explore more of the area or are visiting as a tourist, you won’t be stuck for things to do. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Newquay, Cornwall.

Fistral Beach

When it comes to beaches in Cornwall, Newquay’s Fistral Beach is always mentioned as one of the best. It’s popularity is down to its beautiful stretching sand and breathtaking views. Plus, there are a number of coastal paths nearby for those who prefer to keep moving. It’s considered a family friendly beach and has all the facilities you could need to spend the entire day there, such as toilets, restaurants and shops.


If you’re someone who is a little more adventurous and can’t help but want to get stuck into an activity, Newquay is great. Up and down the Newquay beaches you’ll see surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing and there are a lot of places that offer lessons and board rental for the more experienced. Cornwall is famous for surfing in the UK, so there’s no better place to get involved.

Lappa Valley Steam Railway

Lappa Valley Steam Railway is perfect for families with young children as it’s somewhere you can spend hours. As well as having some impressive stream trains to explore, there are a tonne of other activities such as canoeing, a toddler maze, nature trails, crazy golf and indoor play sections. It’s ideal for a family day out.

Newquay Zoo

This is one for the animal lovers, Newquay Zoo. Home to an amazing array of animals Newquay Zoo is an exciting day out for all ages. Explore the different exhibits, meet some furry friends and get up close and personal with the big cats. There’s lots to do at the zoo and it’s decent in size boasting shops, restaurants and everything you could need for a fun day out in Cornwall.

As you can see, when looking for something to do in Newquay you’re spoilt for choice. Cornwall is home to some of the country’s best beaches and fun days out and so it’s a great place to spend a weekend or summer holiday.


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Places to Eat in Cornwall

As well as being packed full of things to do and activities for the kids, Cornwall is also home to a number of fantastic places to eat. Whether you are a young couple, a group of friends or a family with children it’s a good idea to have some restaurants in mind for when the occasion calls. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere to host a family meal or you want someone else to do the cooking for a change? Maybe it’s just a case of wanting to treat yourself to something a little bit different.

Whatever the reasons for eating out, you want to enjoy it and that is why it’s important to head somewhere where you are guaranteed delicious food in an enjoyable environment. Take a look at some of our favourite places to eat in Cornwall.

Great Places to Eat in Cornwall

Finding somewhere that everyone is happy with can be a struggle when it comes to choosing a restaurant, especially if you’re dining with fussy eaters, children or people that simply don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Therefore, it is important to choose somewhere with a broad menu that has something for everyone.

The Old Bottlery

The Old Bottlery, Healey’s Cyder Farm’s very own restaurant, has recently opened and is already thriving. It’s got an extensive menu that provides light bites, hearty lunches, afternoon tea and evening meals. Some of the most popular meals on the menu include fish in Rattler Batter and chunky chips, scrumpy glazed ham and double fried chips, as well as a wide range of baguettes and salads; there really is something for everyone. The Old Bottlery provides a light, friendly atmosphere and is a great place to bring the family after a day of exploring the local area.

Pandora Inn

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit outside and experience Cornwall’s great weather and beautiful scenery, opt for Pandora Inn. The inside boasts a roaring fire and cosy interiors, whilst the outside has a more natural vibe thanks to the large decking that overlooks a lake. Pandora Inn’s menu includes classic pub meals, bar favourites and lots of seafoods. Plus, it’s dog-friendly and well behaved furry friends are even allowed in the downstairs bar!

Couch’s Great House

For those that want something a little more special or want somewhere to impress on a date night, try Couch’s Great House. Though this restaurant is a bit more expensive than many of the other places to eat in Cornwall, it is worth it for the fine dining experience. Couch’s Great House boasts a six course menu and is ideal for couples.


Oliver’s excels in providing high quality meals using locally sourced, high quality ingredients. So, you are sure to get a taste of the real Cornwall if you head to this Falmouth favourite. The menu changes a lot at Oliver’s and no two visits are the same, but you’ll be presented with local vegetables, freshly caught fish and delicious meats to choose from.

As you can see it isn’t hard to find places to eat in Cornwall and there is something to meet every budget, every occasion and every type of guest. Whether you’re looking for a light bite for lunch or a sit down dinner, you’ll never have to look too far. Cornwall is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and exploring them is all part of the fun.

To find out more about The Old Bottlery or for more information on Healey’s Cyder Farm, get in touch! Contact us on 01872 573356 or send us an email.

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Things to Do With the Family on a Budget in Cornwall

It isn’t always easy to find something to do with the family whilst staying on budget as so many activities cost money, and when you factor in the cost of travel, lunch, entrance fees and souvenirs the cost of the entire day can quickly spiral. Luckily, it isn’t too hard to find things to do in Cornwall on a budget.

There are a lot of different things to do in Cornwall and it’s definitely not an area of the UK that is short of family days out. But, finding something that sticks to a budget and is still fun isn’t always as straightforward. We’ve covered things to do in Cornwall on a sunny day and different Easter activities for the kids, but there are also a number of options if you’re wanting to spend less. Check out these great ideas for things to do with the family on a budget.

Cheap Days Out in Cornwall for the Whole Family

We understand the importance of finding fun family days out that don’t break the bank. When you have a family the cost of things to do can quickly rise and so it’s great to have some cheaper options too. Firstly, don’t forget you can visit us for free! Our farm is completely free to enter where you can walk round, visit the animals and do some cyder tasting (or juice tasting) all without spending a penny! But, what else can you do once you’ve finished here?

Visit a new local beach

Cornwall is full of beautiful beaches and miles of sand to explore. Visiting a new local beach is a great way to enjoy time with the family without spending too much. In fact, if you plan ahead and take a picnic the only cost you’ll have is for travel there and back. As long as the weather is nice – which it often is in Cornwall – a beach day can bring hours and hours of fun for the whole family.

The Godolphin Estate

If history is more your thing or if you’re looking for an educational day out with the family, consider visiting Godolphin. The Godolphin estate is home to one of the most important medieval gardens in Europe and an impressive historic house. There’s a lot to do at Godolphin such as exploring the grounds, visiting the house itself and even spotting wild deer.

The Monkey Sanctuary

For animal lovers The Monkey Sanctuary in Looe is an enjoyable activity. The sanctuary is home to a number of rescued monkeys, wildlife gardens, bats and more. Plus a family ticket is only £27, so if you take you’re own lunch and avoid the onsite cafe you’ll be able to keep the cost low.

When it comes to finding things to do in Cornwall on a budget, there are a lot of options. Come rain or shine there are great activities for all the family.


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Things to Do On a Sunny Day in Cornwall

Though the UK isn’t renowned for it’s sunshine and clear skies, when the weather is good it’s really good and that means we all want to head outside. It’s no secret that Cornwall is packed full of open spaces and things to do outside, but what are the best things to do on a sunny day in Cornwall?

Whether you’re a group of friends, an older couple or a family with young children there are lots of enjoyable activities you can take advantage of in Cornwall. They are all great ways of getting out into the fresh air, enjoying the sunshine and getting to know Cornwall a little better. We’ve already mentioned things to do in Cornwall over the Easter break and things to do in the rain, so now it’s time to get out and about in the sunshine.

Things to Do in Cornwall

Cornwall covers a large area and therefore there are a tonne of fun and enjoyable things to do. Here are some of our favourites.

Screech Owl Sanctuary

If you have young children or are an animal lover yourself, take a visit to the Screech Owl Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to a number of impressive birds, all with different personalities and stories. There are flying displays to watch, a children’s play area and a tea room so it’s a great way to spend a few hours in the sun wandering around.

Fistral Beach

If the sunny skies bring with them a bit of heat then the chances are you’re looking to head to a local beach. Fistral Beach is one of Cornwall’s best and it’s really quite impressive. Located in Newquay, Fistral Beach boasts beautiful sand, cafes, shops and it is extremely clean. Plus, there are toilet and changing facilities nearby so it’s the ideal place to take children.

Ancient Ruins

If you’re into you’re history or simply want to find out more about Cornwall’s past take a look at some of the famous local ruins. Lanyon Quoit, Hurlers Stone Circles and Cheesewring are all popular spots.

Scenic Walks

Cornwall has a number of scenic walks with breathtaking views open to the public. Though the walks can be done year round, the views really are at their best when the sun is shining and the skies are clear. There are walking trails to suit all ages and abilities, so you’re sure to find something for you even if you are a seasoned hiker or have young children.

When it comes to finding things to do in Cornwall you don’t have to look very far. Whether it’s sunny, grey or even rainy you will never be stuck trying to find an enjoyable activity for the whole family.

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