Preserves, Wine and Spirit

We're so much more than simply apples

We’ve been making our own preserves, chutneys and condiments onsite for over 15 years.  2 open copper pans are used, with every batch being hand cooked and individually poured (by hand!).

Our range of country wines cater for the sweeter tooth.  Strawberry, Elderflower and Summer Fruits, all available in a bespoke bottle are 5% ABV and perfect for ladies at lunch

And of course our spirits.  We’ve been distilling in Cornwall since the year 2000.  We use our finest ciders, crafted from apples exclusively from our onsite Cornish orchards.  A double distillation process ensures the finest spirit is collected from our copper pot still, where it then undergoes a maturation process of at least 3 years (up to 16 and counting) before being bottled and sold as our unique Cornish Cider brandy.

We also make Englands oldest whiskey.  In conjunction with St. Austell Brewery, we pioneered the rejuvination of the English whiskey scene.  Using Cornish Barley, we won the European Whiskey of the year, and have gained ‘liquid gold’ status from Jim Murray – recognised world author on all things whiskey.