Rattler – Cornish Cloudy Cyder

Rattler Racing, Bite Beach Rugby, Pirates Rugby, Boardmasters - we like to get around - here's a snap shot of some of the stuff we get involved in....

Established in 2006, the Rattler brand has been involved in some pretty cool stuff – here’s a snap shot


What’s better than the feel of sand between your toes, music all around, and a pint of Rattler in hand?!  Well we’ve been involved in some of Cornwalls coolest festivals over the years….

Boardmasters: Sun, surf, beaches and music – there really isn’t a better combination.  Official cyder 2013 – 2015

Tunes in the DunesWe’ve been involved in Tunes since the beginning.  The venue is a few miles down the road, and is on our favourite local beach

Electric Beach:  On the iconic Fistral Beach – fast paced, beautiful setting and some incredible acts have played over the years

The Little Orchard Cider and Music festival:  Who can forget our own Cider and music festival!  Right here on the farm, come along for some incredible live acts together with silent Discos and lots of family fun

Eden Sessions:  Some fantastic evenings have been had at 1 of Cornwalls most iconic venues


Extreme Sport

Rattler is no ordinary brand.  There is a certain mystique around the brand, its origination, its personality.  Its about living life to the max, and not accepting second best

Holy Grit:  For the first time ever, an extreme Obstacle Run/Mud run comes to Holywell Bay.  A full weekend of Hell-themed running takes you through either a 6km or 12km course.  Combined with surf lessons, an after party, onsite acommodation and even HOT showers (!) this is set to be a weekend to remember

South West 3 peaks yacht race:  When it comes to extreme, I dont think it can get any more extreme than this one!  Sailing 125 miles, cycling 140 miles and running 29 miles NON-STOP!!  We’ll be sure to keep the blog updated, and provide plenty of photos!

Creek Safari swim:  A tough, local swim… travelling upstream (with the tide to assist!) gives a truly unique experience

Percuil River Ramble: 3km swim down the estuary, finishing at the harbour in St. Mawes

Inn to Inn swim:  Cracking event, finishing at the fantastic Pandora Inn where you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing pint of Rattler

A small ‘elite’ team of ‘athletes’ compete on a regular basis in car racing, triathlons, ultra marathons, obstacle runs and time trialling.  The Rattler running crew took around 2 and half hours to complete 5 km of the Holy Grit course… no records were set that day… but it was great fun 🙂