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Our Jams are simmered slowly in traditional open pan kettles right here on the farm, using the finest ingredients possible.  Which means you get to taste all the fruity deliciousness that bubble up in our jam kitchen, in every spoon.

Please choose your Jams below which includes such delights as Marmalade & Scrumpy or perhaps to add that special zing to your scone – Strawberry & Cointreau Preserve. We also offer a variety of Chutney’s and Pickles.

Scrumpy Apple Sauce
Strawberry preserve
Raspberry preserve
Cherry & Brandy
Blackcurrant preserve
Scrumpy Apple & Bramble
Strawberry & Chilli preserve
Strawberry & Cointreau preserve
Blackcurrant & Port preserve
Marmalade with Scrumpy
Marmalade with Whiskey
Raspberry & Kirsch preserve
Redcurrant & Mint preserve
Spicy Tomato Chutney
Scrumpy Apple Chutney
Wholegrain Mustard & Scrumpy
Farmhouse Pickle
Green Bean Chutney
Cranberry & Port Sauce
Cherry & Vanilla
Mixed Berry
Apple & Raspberry
Strawberry & Rhubarb
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Jam Gift Bag

Bag of 3

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