South West MEP applauds Healeys expansion

Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West of England & Gibraltar, visited the newly expanded state-of-the-art production facility, that also doubles as a visitor centre, at Healeys Cyder Farm in Cornwall. The new facility cost approximately £3.4m and was part funded by a grant from the European Agricultural Fund.

“This new facility is the Crown Jewel here at Healeys Cyder Farm. It will allow us to massively expand production to satisfy our growing customer base and at the same time offer a new experience to our ever increasing number of visitors,” comments Mr Sam Healey. “It was good to show Ashley around not just the new facility but also the wide range of products that we also produce here – including England’s oldest whiskey”

Mr Fox, after the visit, said “Healeys Cyder Farm successfully combines tourism and cider production. I am delighted that they have managed to pull off this exciting project and that they successfully secured funding to make it all possible. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and if I happened to try a few of the products on offer – well who can blame me”.