Tips For Planning Summer Activities In Cornwall

As anyone with young children will know, it can be difficult to plan a day out at the best of times. When you take into account finding an activity that’ll suit everyone, choosing somewhere that is easy to get via car or public transport and ensuring where you’re going has good facilities, there’s a lot to consider.

At Healey’s Cyder Farm we have lots of families visit us in the summer months – especially now that schools are finished and it’s time for a few weeks off – so we’re well aware of how much effort has to go into planning a summer activity in Cornwall. It isn’t just a case of grabbing some money and heading out the door when there are kids to consider.

Planning A Day Out In Cornwall

We’ve put together some of our top tips for planning summer activities in Cornwall in the hope it’ll help first time parents, large families and those who are trying somewhere new to ensure their day out goes to plan.

  • Choose an activity or attraction that appeals to all ages

Though it may seem easier to find somewhere that appeals to one or two people, it’s much more beneficial to take the time to find somewhere that everyone will enjoy; this will prevent older children being bored by activities best suited for little ones and little ones becoming disinterested in more complex activities. At Healey’s Cyder Farm we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. With guided tours, farm animals and tractor rides we have activities that’ll entertain children of all ages.

  • Find out if it has all of the facilities you require

Though most attractions in Cornwall are designed for children, there are some exceptions and this can be a problem for families. Choosing somewhere with good toilet facilities, baby changing, restaurants and decent parking may seem minor but it can make a big difference to your day. For example, nobody wants to be caught with nowhere to change their baby or somewhere that doesn’t sell food your children will like. At Healey’s Cyder Farm we have all the facilities a family with young children will need so that your day out is as easy as possible.

  • Plan your route there and back well

Sometimes just getting to and from an activity can be a struggle, especially when you have excited children. By taking the time to plan your route there and back well, you will eliminate a large amount of stress for yourself and the entire journey will be a lot more straightforward. A lot of places in Cornwall provide onsite parking and roads in the area are relatively easy to navigate. Plus, there are public transport options available.

When it comes to planning a summer activity in Cornwall, look no further than Healey’s Cyder Farm. With a whole host of things to do throughout the summer, it’s a great choice for people of all ages. Get in touch to find out more.