Healeys Farm Shop

Sweet country wines, perfect preserves or a scrumpy worth glugging, you’ll find everything from our Farm Range and more in our onsite Farm Shop.

Our Farm Shop in Cornwall

Sweet country wines, perfect preserves or a scrumpy worth glugging, you’ll find everything from our Farm Range and more in our onsite Farm Shop. At Healey’s Cyder Farm we are passionate about using local produce to make local products, meaning we’re able to create fresh items for you to buy. Whether you pop in to see us or you’re shopping online, you’ll find a fabulous range of farm style items to choose from.

A lot of our customers first pop into the Healey’s Farm Shop when they visit the farm on a day out, with many returning time and time again once they realise just how fresh our products are. Now, a number of our customers visit the shop regularly to stay topped up with their favourite jams or juices. However, you don’t need to be a Cornwall local to get your fix of Healey’s Farm Shop. If you live further afield, simply head online!

Sitting right above our cellar’s sleeping barrels, Healeys Farm Shop is the perfect place to pick up some homemade goodness. We not only stock all the products we make – including jams, preserves, cyders, country wines, fresh-pressed juices and spirits – there’s all sorts of other Cornish produce available too. This means you’re able to buy for a range of different purposes; whether you’re looking to cater to a family dinner or you simply want to gift someone with some local Cornish jam, we have what you need.

Our shop is also essential in our invention process; you’ll find new products on our shelves here you won’t find anywhere else. Buy a bottle, have a tipple and let us know your thoughts. Your opinion always makes the world of difference. In fact, this is how we know what products our customers like and we use the feedback to create even more tasty treats.

If you’re in the mood for a swift drink, why not head to our sampling bar and try out some of our cyders, wines and juices before you buy? It’s completely free and will give you a taste for just why Healey’s is so special.

Guided Tours at Healey’s Cyder Farm

If you like the look and taste of our drinks in our shop, why not take a guided tour of the farm to find out more about the journey our apples make from branch to bottle? Booking on to a guided tour is a fantastic way to get an insight into what goes on at Healey’s Cyder Farm and how many of our products come to be. Our guided tours are led by passionate members of the Healey’s Cyder Farm team, meaning they know everything there is to know about what goes on at the farm. So, any questions you have can be answered with ease.

Of course, don’t forget to try one of our famous Cornish Cream Teas before you leave. Our Cornish Cream Teas are traditional, delicious and are the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. Plus, as the tea room is located in the heart of Healey’s Cyder Farm, the farm animals will keep the kids entertained whilst you can relax in the courtyard. Stopping in for Cornish Cream Tea is a family friendly experience.