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Our Farm Range

Sweet, sticky jams made to our family recipe. Glorious golden cyder that sings out summer. A tasty sip of our country wines. Everything from our Farm Range comes from our heart.


Strong, still cyder that’s stood the test of time. Using a perfected selection of bittersweet apples and made to a traditional recipe, our Scrumpy gives you a true taste of Healeys farm life.


Bursting with fruit and packed full of flavour. Our Jams are simmered slowly in traditional open pan kettles using the best quality local ingredients, wherever possible. Which means you get to taste all the fruity deliciousness that bubbles up in our jam kitchen, in every spoon.

Country Wines 

Sumptuously juicy fruits gently pressed by our specialist equipment to keep the fullest of flavours and carefully picked elderflowers steeped in Cornish spring water. Our Country Wines are sure to tickle your fancy.

Apple Juice 

Ripened dessert apples pressed right here on the farm. Our pure, natural, unfiltered apple juice is a taste of simple, sweet refreshment. With nothing added, except vitamin C for freshness.

Have we got your mouth watering? Why not visit the farm for a sampling session or pick up some products in our online shop.