We’re sponsoring Olympic sailing hopefuls

You’ve probably heard us say that we like to live life a little fresher. We love to get out doors, embrace the elements and share our passion for big adrenaline challenges. That’s why this year, our premium cyder, Rattler, is sponsoring Olympic sailing hopefuls Tom Phipps and Zennor Pascoe as they race towards Rio 2016. The duo will be competing in the multi-hull sailing discipline in a bid to secure a gold medal for Britain.

We caught up with Tom to ask him a few questions.


Your 2016 Olympic catamaran campaign is underway. How does it feel to be training and competing on the Olympic Classes Circuit?

I’ve been here before during my 2012 campaign and feel quite comfortable, but for Zennor it is a whole new experience. We are loving every second of it.

How did Team Phipps Pascoe come about? Is there a screening process for selecting a team mate?

Zennor and I teamed up at the end of last year. Following a year crewing for a different sailing partner I wanted to get back on the helm. When I started thinking about it, no one seemed more suited and up for the job than Zennor, and so the Cornish dream team began.

Take us through a typical day in the life of a catamaran trainee.

When competing our day typically begins with a warm up and stretching before a good breakfast. Racing normally starts at 11am, but we like to get on the water early to get a feel for the conditions and the course area. After three races we normally touch dry land around 4pm. A quick pack up, debrief and warm down will have us back in our accommodation tired and hungry.

What does your current training programme entail?

At the minute we are in the heart of racing season. There is a regatta roughly every three weeks, so a standard month for us at the minute is a week of training, a week of racing and few days off and then all over again. It’s pretty relentless right now.

Beyond Rio 2016, what are your plans for the future?

Thats a long way off at the minute, but Tokyo 2020 is definitely a possibility.

What advice would you give to someone looking to take up sailing as a hobby?

Get on down to your local club or sailing school and just give it a go. Pick a sunny day (that always helps) and come and play!

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