Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm

Accessibility Guide

Accessibility Guide
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Access during your visit.


We feel the farm is accessable for all to enjoy the full Healeys experience; being able to access all areas and enjoy our Cornish food and drink offering.. 

Accessibility Guidance

Accessibility Guidance

Surfaces: In keeping with the farm, we do have an 80-year-old cobbled courtyard which can be a bit bumpy for some. We do try our best to communicate this ahead of arrival and staff are on hand to assist where possible. If you have specific requirements, please contact us ahead of your visit 01872 573356 or email [email protected]

Parking: There are clearly marked disabled parking spaces in front of the visitor centre

Wheelchairs: As our visitors have different requirements, we do not have wheelchairs available

Visitor Centre: We have wide doors for access into our visitor centre and ramps to exit onto the farm. There is also a lift in the visitor centre for accessing the production part of the tour.

Accessible toilet: We have a larger toilet attached to the visitor centre building with space for a personal assistant. This also has baby changing facilities.

Self-guided tour: The tour encompasses the older parts of the farm and therefore the ground is mainly cobbled. The rooms can fit wheelchairs and prams. After free sampling in the cellars, the exit is back behind the second museum room next to the distillery into the courtyard.

Farm shop: There is ramp access into and out of the farm shop. There is enough space at the sampling counters to enjoy the full free tasting experience. During busy periods, please ask a member of staff to assist if required.

Jam Kitchen: There is level access into the jam kitchen for free sampling.

Rattler Bar: There is a ramp into and out of the Rattler Bar and also from the farm shop. Our self-serve bar is attended by a bar supervisor who can assist with pouring. If nobody is available, please ask in the farm shop next door.

The Old Bottlery Restaurant: There is level access into/out of the large restaurant. Currently, orders are placed via mobile from the table and food is delivered via table service. Staff are on hand to support if required.

Animals: Our animal area is a smooth surface easily accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

Tractor Rides: Rides are charged as extra for everyone. One of our tractor-trailers has been converted to fit a wheelchair however as all are different, we cannot guarantee all chairs will fit. To ensure we are prepared during quieter months, we advise calling the farm beforehand to check the trailer is available.

We feel all areas accessed with an annual pass can be enjoyed by everyone and therefore do not offer consessonary prices. 

We welcome feedback in order to improve. If you would like to tell us about your visit, please email [email protected]