Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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To visit and explore the cyder farm you'll need to purchase admission tickets. We strongly advise that you book your tickets online before or on the day of your visit because this will guarantee your entry on the day and you'll also get 20% off admission by pre-booking!

Your admission ticket will give you access-all-areas at the farm, including access to the cyder museum, apple press, jam kitchen, production halls, distillery & cellars. You'll also be able to visit the friendly farm animals, dine in the Old Bottlery restaurant, pour your own pint in the BRAND NEW Rattler Bar and shop in the main courtyard farm shop. There will be plenty of free tasters of our cyders, soft drinks, jams, and chutneys available too.... and we have recently added our range of spirits to the free sample menu, including the Rattler Gin range!

All admission tickets grant you unlimited return visits for 12 months, so you'll only need to purchase your admission once, and then you can re-book multiple visits for FREE for a whole year!

Since June 2020, we have made a lot of changes at the farm, including our brand new access-all-areas admission policy with free unlimited visits for 12 months. If you have visited us in the past, it is well worth reading what has changed and why.

When entry to the farm was free of charge, you could pop along and see the animals, enjoy a handful of tasters in the farm shop and grab a bite to eat and/or a pint in the restaurant and if you wanted to experience anything beyond this, you would book a private tour and see behind the scenes, at an average cost of £20 per person.

Whilst this was still very popular with our visitors who have very fond memories of days gone by, it did mean that during the school holidays, you'd often struggle for space as it was so busy and let's face it, nobody enjoys feeling like they are on the busy London Underground during their precious trip to Cornwall!

When COVID first hit and the UK went into lockdown, it was clear that when we re-opened our gates in June 2020, we could no longer operate the same way. It would be unsafe in regards to social distancing, customer service would become more challenging as the ratio of visitors to staff would become strained and ultimately, the experience could be ruined for so many of our guests.

In summary, we will have fewer visitors coming to the farm but everyone who does visit can now enjoy the full Healeys experience and in a more comfortable setting.

Here is what has changed since June 2020;

  • New admission model with access-all-areas policy. This means that instead of allowing thousands of visitors into the farm to experience a small percentage of what we have to offer, visitors now pay a small entry fee (which gets upgraded to a free membership giving you free entry for 12 months) and you can explore the entire farm! We also limit the number of visitors we allow into the farm daily, which means less crowding and a more enjoyable experience.
  • Our access-all-areas policy means that every single visitor with valid admission can finally see what is behind those previously locked doors on a self-guided tour, which includes;
    • Production Factory
    • Cyder Museum
    • Cellars & Distillery
    • Apple Press House
    • Jam Kitchen
    • Any future developments too!
  • With your admission, you still get access to the main courtyard shop, you can visit our friendly farm animals and of course, you can choose to upgrade your visit to a guided VIP experience/tour or a Vintage Tractor ride to make your visit extra special.
  • Restaurant & Rattler Bar - Like so many attractions, our food and drink options are restricted to visitors with a valid admission or membership only. This may change in quieter months, but right now, we want to ensure that we can safely cater for our guests and keep waiting times as low as possible. We can only do this by making the use of the on-site restaurant and Rattler Bar exclusive to admission-holders only. Healeys Cyder Farm never set out to be just a restaurant, we are a family of cydermasters and people visit us because we all have one thing in common... our love of Cyder! 
  • Tastings - we have been famous for our free tastings for years! Well, our sample menu just got better.... we have added brand new products and for the first time, you can also taste our selection of Rattler spirits free of charge! This includes the entire Rattler Gin range! This in itself, more than covers the value of your admission!
  • Membership - as previously mentioned, every single admission ticket is upgraded free of charge to a Healeys Cyder membership. This means you can visit as often as you like, free of charge, for 12 months! We have worked hard to ensure that there is plenty of value in your admission if you can only visit us once, however, you are welcome to book to see us whenever you like, for a whole year, and parking is still free of charge!
  • In addition to the above, we have invested a significant sum of money into improving and adding to the farm, including;
    • A brand new COVID-Secure walkway above our production factory
    • New, easy-to-use booking and membership website.
    • New animation screens to bring our museum to life.
    • We installed a state-of-the-art "Rattler Cyder Pull Your Own Pint" station in the Rattler Bar.
    • We also invested heavily in the museum layout, presentation and installed a secret underground VIP bar area in the cellars, which is used for our VIP experiences.
    • Finally, we've also upgraded the animal enclosure, which is a big hit with the baby goats!
    • We are continuing to invest and over the next 12-18 months, you'll find some amazing new features at the farm and you'll be glad you're a member or looking forward to becoming one!

Like so many attractions, our food and drink options are restricted to visitors with a valid admission or membership only.

This may change in quieter months, but right now, we want to ensure that we can safely cater for our guests and keep waiting times low. We can only do this by making the use of the on-site restaurant and Rattler Bar exclusive to admission-holders only.

Healeys Cyder Farm never set out to be just a restaurant, we are a family of cydermasters and people visit us because we all have one thing in common... our love of Cyder!

Admission tickets are upgraded to give you 12 months worth of unlimited free entry, so if you do like to pop in regularly for a bite to eat, our admission prices present great value, along with all the other perks of our access-all-areas policy... including free parking!

We have set up a brand-new and improved shop within the visitor centre at the front of the farm, just head through the main entrance on the right, and stock up on your favourite cyders, jams, spirits, merchandise, and more! 

The shop is fully stocked every morning and due to popularity, if there is something you can't find, please ask a member of staff for assistance.

We have a 2nd shop in the top courtyard which includes free tastings and this is only accessible to visitors with valid admission tickets, although both shops are stocked exactly the same.

We have launched a brand new booking platform, which allows visitors to set up a free account and book unlimited free return visits for 12 months. 

If you visited us last year and purchased an annual pass, we have extended your membership by 3 months, but we may need to help you get access to your account. 

If you purchased your annual passes in person last year, we will need to see your passes to validate them and set up your account manually.

For further assistance, please contact us via email at [email protected] or via our Facebook page.

Yes, we do!

Throughout the year, particularly in quieter months, we will offer discounted admission prices by as much as 50%. This is due to the fact that some parts of the farm may be closed or be operational for shorter periods of time.

On top of any other discounts, we will also give everyone who pre-books their visit online 20% off admission! There is no discount code required, the savings will be automatically applied to your admission when you book.

Absolutely! We have 2 fantastic experiences available - Healeys VIP Experience and our Gin Tasting Experience, plus our Vintage Tractor Ride. 

Head to our Experiences page for more information. 


We feel the farm has access for all to enjoy the full Healeys experience, with access to all areas to enjoy our Cornish food and drink offering, therefore, we do not offer concessions.

We do however offer everyone 20% off the price of admission, by simply pre-booking your visit online!

For more information, please visit our Accessibility Guide.


We are serving a variety of cream teas, including traditional, savoury, and gluten-free cream teas, subject to availability.

Our onsite restaurant and Rattler Bar are for exclusive use by our guests only, so to enjoy a cream tea in the restaurant or Rattler Bar, you will need valid admission tickets or active membership. Please pre-book your visit on our website.

Whilst it is not illegal for a 16 or 17-year-old to enjoy a cider with their meal when accompanied by an adult, as a licensed venue - we have taken the decision to ensure that only adults aged 18 or above can purchase and/or consume alcohol on the premises.


Towards the end of summer 2020, we installed special viewing glass along the production hall walkway to ensure our production facility would remain safe to welcome visitors, and better still, every single visitor can now wander our production halls at no additional charge, included within the cost of your admission!

If you have pre-booked your visit online this year, you will already have a member account on our booking platform. Here, you can log in and adjust the time and date of your visit, up to 24 hours ahead.

If you need any assistance, please contact us on 01872 573356

Of course, you can! 

We are still accepting locals cards at the farm,, which can be used on all purchases, including in the restaurant, but excluding admission and experiences.

Yes! Friendly dogs on a lead are very welcome at Healeys! 

There are two small exclusions, dogs are not permitted in the production halls or in the jam kitchen for hygiene purposes. This means you may need to take turns to have a good wander around these areas, whilst someone stays behind with the puppy.

Other than that, your furry family members can join you everywhere else you go, including on a tractor ride and in the restaurant!

If in doubt, please do call us with any questions you may have.

We’re open seven days a week, except over Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Our hours vary with the seasons, so check ahead of your visit.

Selling food and drink through our restaurants and cafes helps us keep samples and parking on the farm free. For that reason, we ask that you don’t bring or eat any food on the farm that isn’t bought here. We have plenty of choice for all sorts of appetites in our Old Bottlery restaurant and Rattler Bar and cater to all sorts of dietary requirements too, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten- or dairy-free diets.

Due to our reduced capacity, we no longer offer table reservations at the farm. The restaurant and Rattler Bar is accessible to those with a valid admission only, so please ensure you have pre-booked your admission online to guarantee your entry on the desired date and time. Thank you.

We have our own charity – The Healeys Charitable Trust Fund. We get a lot of requests, so to make sure our contribution has the most impact we keep our direct support local to the Perranporth and district area. We can’t reply to everything, but if you think you might fit the bill, drop us a line: [email protected]


Our cyders are cloudy thanks to the unfiltered natural apple pieces that remain in the cyder, and it isn't uncommon for these apple pieces to become more visible after a few days in storage or on its side in the fridge.

Before you open the cyder, try giving the bottle a gentle swirl and if you don't plan on drinking the cyder right away, you can always give the bottle more of a shake. Once you have done this, you should then see the apple sediment dissolve back into suspension.

All that is left to do is to chill and enjoy!

We’re always looking at how we can improve your experience of our farm and our products. If you’re unhappy about any aspect of a product or experience, let our quality team know at [email protected]

Healeys hosts Little Orchard Cider and Music Festival which is managed by an external events company. Visit for contact details and further information.