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Helping young Cornish entrepreneurs realise their own business dreams.

Healeys Charitable Trust Fund

Healeys Charitable Trust Fund

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm has set up a new fund with a donation of £60,000, to help budding young and disadvantaged Cornish entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, with a pledge to reach £100,000 by 2024.

Different from other grants and funds, Healeys is looking to support a variety of passionate individuals who do not have the initial starter funds to get their business idea off the ground. From £100 to £5,000, donations will vary depending on individual requirements. This is a fund where a little will actually go a long way.

The Healeys Charitable Trust Fund has a genuine willingness to help young people change their lives through creative entrepreneurship. This is especially important for Cornwall. Vital Signs research, commissioned by CCF, showed that the county is a hotbed for business and self-employment. There are 23,270 business enterprises in Cornwall and 2,665 new companies were started last year, more than in any previous year. Rates of self-employment are 50% higher than the UK average.

Young disadvantaged people, living in Cornwall, aged 25 and under, with a business idea, can apply to the fund managed by Cornwall Community Foundation. Selected ideas will be brought to the Healeys panel throughout the year, where the individual will present their idea and talk about how the funds will be used. Recipients of the funds will showcase their business at Healeys Little Orchard Festival each September, promoting it to thousands of festival-goers.

David Healey, Chairman at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm says, “The fund is for young disadvantaged people living in Cornwall who have a burning ambition to do something for themselves but maybe need a little help to get their business up and running. As part of the application process, we will introduce The Healey Way, a series of questions we ask ourselves. They will be asked to consider their vision, its contribution, their family, its certainty, its uncertainty and how it will grow”.

Young entrepreneurs receiving a donation will be required to donate 1% of their future profits back into the fund, as a way to support other young entrepreneurs. Healeys are also committed to reaching a total of £100,000 by 2024, along with money raised from charitable events and festivals, as well as contributions from like-minded businesses and individuals to create a self-perpetuating fund.

How to apply

Click below to download the CCF Healeys Charitable Trust Fund application form.