Tregoninny Vineyard

Our Orchards

Our Orchards
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Nurtured from sapling to harvest, our apples are gathered by our orchard keepers and brought to life in our drinks.


Sunshine, soil and the fresh Atlantic breeze make our trees tall and fantastically fruitful. Scattered with over 3000 trees – our leafy orchards are home to seven varieties of traditional Cornish native apples.

We leave it to the wind to pluck the apples from their branches so that the fruit in our cyders and juices is naturally ripe. Each year, about 2,000 tonnes of apples are sorted, milled and pressed right here on the farm; where our skilled cyder-makers tip their talents into each and every bottle, blending the orchard’s flavours and dreaming up delicious concoctions along the way.

Whether it’s the Katy, a sweet succulent dessert apple used in our refreshing apple juice, or the Ashton Bitter, with its sharp green twang that adds an extra something to our cyders; from bud to bottle, our apples are at the heart of all we do.