New Rattler 4 Pack Cans

New Rattler 4 Pack Cans

Published 16th January, 2019 by Healeys Cyder Farm in Press

Ratter 4 Pack

Cornish cyder maker Healeys has launched a new lower alcohol Rattler can format in recyclable cardboard packs into Tesco.

The pack containing 4 X 330ml, 4.8% ABV recyclable cans is the result of the independent, family-run business looking at ways to minimise single-use shrink wrap. A big step towards reducing plastic.

The new format complements the current range of 500ml individual bottles,8 pack 330mls and draught.  It offers a ‘Rattler for all occasions”.  Being lightweight and easily stackable, it’s also the perfect solution for where glass may be an issue.

Being in cans offers an ‘on-the-go’ cyder. Whether that’s spontaneous socialising with friends at barbecues, festivals or on the beach.

Rattler is one of the fastest growing independent cyder brands in Cornwall. Tts 500ml bottles are available nationally with Morrisons, Tesco and more recently, Sainsbury’s.

The brand was born on the beach by brothers Sam and Joe Healey, and named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple with biting refreshment.

With the brand’s core demographic of 18-35 year olds aware of environmental impact, the new pack takes steps to allow them to enjoy their favourite cyder with recyclable packaging. Also, being lower alcohol at 4.8% ABV compared to Rattler Original at 6% ABV, the brand offers a more ‘sessionable’ cider.   The pack will retail at £6.25.

Joe Healey, Managing Director, Commercial at Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, says;

“Doing the right thing for the environment is at the forefront of our agenda. For Healeys, it’s not just about reducing plastic; Rattler fans can enjoy the refreshing taste knowing that Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm, where Rattler is made, is powered by natural energy and we don’t allow plastic straws in our visitor attraction. Our steps to help the environment continue with production, using recyclable card for our new 4 pack and we are pleased to say that we are working hard to find alternative solutions across the rest of our drinks range.”

The pack is also available from Healeys online shop here.

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