Our Distillery

An individually crafted copper pot still, making the finest spirits Cornwall has to offer; our distillery has to be seen to be believed.

Run with care and attention, our distillery is where the real magic happens. The notion was born from a heady concoction of imagination and experience at the turn of the new century. There hadn’t been a distillery in Cornwall for over 300 years, so we were proud to fly the flag.

Deep beneath our farm buildings in a specially converted cellar, we invite you to explore, discover and be surprised, as the journey from orchard fruits to unique spirits unfolds before your eyes.

Amble down the cobbled walkway and peer up-close through the one-of-a-kind glass viewing hole in our specially made steam-run copper pot.

Breathe in the rich aromas of the oak charred barrels, as you make your way through the only commercial cellars open to the public in the whole of Britain.

Marvel at each stage of the process, where barley mash is transformed to our unique Classic Whiskey, and our farm-made Healeys Cyder infuses to create the original flavours in our Classic Cyder Spirit and Classic Eau de Vie.

Our knowledgeable guides are ready and waiting to share the secrets that make Healeys so very special.

Want to see the magic happen for yourself? Why not pay us a visit.