About Us

From pressing the fruit for our first ever cyder to dreaming up our unique Classic Whiskey, Healeys is about more than just apples…

In 1986 we had an idea. What if we could resurrect the largely forgotten art of cyder-making in Cornwall? We wanted to use the county’s wonderful produce to craft a quality cyder that everyone would love. So we bought a 150-year-old farm. And a 16th century press. We planted orchards, renovated barns and grew with our trees, until we became the Healeys we are today – with award-winning cyders, spirits, juices and jams to our name.

We’ve become the largest cyder-maker in Cornwall and the first and only distillery for 300 years. But underneath we’re the same family with the same dream driving us forward. Making great things happen with our apples.

Read more about the Healeys story and the journey that got us here.

Find out more about the Healey family who run the farm today. Discover just why our apples make our cyder taste so good.